New Moto G ‘Cinema’, Nexus ‘Flounder’ Codenames Spotted

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According to reliable sources, brand new 'codenames' spotted very recently pertaining to Motorola and Google that foretells the upcoming new devices from these companies.

Moto G Cinema

The popular and credible tipster Twitter handle @evleaks tweeted a screenshot showing a web page which had the words 'Moto G Cinema'. Interestingly, the wordage was part of Motorola's official website, says Droid-Life.

Nevertheless, there are not many information available to designate this wordage to a device, accessory, or a service at this point in time. It is worth noting that Motorola has slotted an event for May 13 in London; if the reports were true, the company might announce all the planned devices for this year.

According to 9to5google, the codename 'Cinema' could imply that the reported model of Motorola's budget handset would feature a bigger display with improved speakers, in order to facilitate a more 'cinematic' experience.

Nexus Flounder

The website Myce spotted new codenames from 'Chromium issue tracker' tied to the upcoming Google device. The codenames are 'flounder' and 'volantis'.

According to the same site, the name 'flounder' is noteworthy because the search giant Google codenames its Nexus devices based on fish-related names. And hence this codename signifies that there could be a potential new Nexus device in the offing.

Interestingly, Google used the codename 'toro' for 'Verizon Galaxy Nexus', 'maguro' for GSM Galaxy Nexus, 'hammerhead'  for Nexus 5 and 'mantaray' for Nexus 10, among others.

The other reported codename 'volantis' is not a fish-related name hence it could be a software or product name for this potential new device. Apparently, the Nexus products are tied to two names; the device name and the device's software name.

The same tech website quoted the following examples in order to understand this codename combination better. 'Mako' is the device name of Nexus 4; in addition, the same device has a software name of 'occam.' In the same lines, 'flo' is the codename of Nexus 7 2013 edition and the associated software name is 'razor.' So 'flounder' could be the device name of the upcoming device and 'volantis' is the software or product name. 

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