New Microsoft Windows ‘Start Menu’ Delayed Until 2015

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Microsoft said that it was planning to bring back the classic 'Start Menu' at its developer conference in April.  However, the tech giant did not confirm the official date. Now it was being speculated that, an update to Windows 8.1 scheduled for August 2014 will bring this classic menu back to Windows OS.

As ZDNet puts it, Microsoft was planning to introduce the 'Mini' Start Menu as part of the second update to Windows 8.1 i.e. 'Windows 8.1 Update 2'. But according to recent rumors, the Redmond-based company is not bringing back the most missed and useful Windows feature until 2015.

Nevertheless, this Start menu for Windows will be resurrected back with the Windows 9 operating system. It is worth noting that, Windows 9 OS, code-named 'threshold' will be launched only in April 2015.

In retrospect, the classic Start menu has been one of the most anticipated features of Windows 8.1 update. The same source says that, the reason for the reluctance in upgrading to Microsoft's touch-friendly operating system could be attributed to the absence of this Start menu.

Moreover, the new Start menu will not be the same as the Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Start menus. The mini version of the Start menu is expected to look similar to the older versions; but at the same time, it will integrate Windows 8′s Metro-Style screen design.

It is worth mentioning that, the Windows 8 user interface replaced the Start menu with a 'grid of live tiles.' But this UI enhancement was not appreciated by many users and critics alike. Interestingly, quite a few system manufacturers offered multiple ways to bring back the classic Start Menu.

Interested readers can check out some of the unofficial Start menu replacements like Start8, Classic Shell 4.0 and Pokki from PC World.

The constant complaints and feedback from users and organizations would have made Microsoft bring back its original Start Menu, retouched by Windows Modern UI updates, says Mashable. Therefore, the upcoming menu will feature both live tiles on the sides for quick access and also many of original Windows 7 features. Notably, the power button and libraries could be back.

Did you miss the classic 'Start menu'? What do you think of the live tile-based Start menu? Feel free to leave a comment.

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