New Mass Effect Gets More Details and New Character Designs from Comic Con

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For fans who have been disappointed over the E3 2014 "Mass Effect" trailer, wherein there were not a lot of new information, apart from some footage of the BioWare team, the latest trailer for the still un-titled Mass Effect game gives more clues as to where the next installment is headed.

It seems that this new "Mass Effect" is really happening as details for the new installment had been featured during the San Diego Comic Con.

IncGamers has compiled the new information gathered from the event, starting with the fact that Mako is returning for what could be "Mass Effect 4." According to the report, this could hint at a more major role for planetary exploration, seeing as how there is also a demo of the Mako driving around for exploration, as featured in the "Mass Effect" panel.

This would be great news for those who have loved the Mako vehicle and had to go through "Mass Effect 2" and Mass Effect 3" without it. Metro reports that the new "Mass Effect" will be a next-gen only game, so expect to see the game on the PS4 and Xbox One.

As far as characters are concerned, there have also been glimpses of what playable characters can be, including what appears to be he and she versions of armours, judging from the size and bulk difference of the two.

Metro adds that even with the human-like shape of the hero's design, the setting of the new "Mass Effect" is still undetermined, considering that there will be a breakaway from the trilogy games that came before it.

Hardcore Gamer also features some snapshots of the heroes in multiple angles, which were featured at BioWare's panel titled "Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect."

The title is also not going to be "Mass Effect 4," something that may be connected to the fact that the story will no longer be focused on Shepard's story, as also reiterated during E3 2014. Despite this, expect some other old characters to make their appearance in the latest "Mass Effect" installment.

BioWare has also touched on the multiplayer aspect of the new "Mass Effect" though the only clue given was that the focus was on making it bigger rather than competitive.

First footage of new "Mass Effect" (via YouTube/Escapist News)

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