New Lenovo ‘ThinkPad 11e’ With Windows And Chrome Variants, Foldable Screen, Price And Release Date

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Lenovo has announced a brand new student's laptop called ThinkPad 11e. This is an 11.6-inch notebook targeting the education market.  

What's New?

According to Engadget, ThinkPad 11e has four variants with two of these running Microsoft's Windows OS and the other two variants are based on Google's Chrome OS. The notebook is expected to come in two form factors: a conventional no-touch notebook clam-shell version and another variant with touchscreen that folds the screen back to 360 degrees and looks akin to a tablet.

The latest ThinkPad 11e does not come with the standard red "TrackPoint" at the center of the keyboard. According to reports, Lenovo was getting complaints from schools about the curious kids rupturing those red TrackPoints in their earlier versions of notebook.  To curb the repair cost for the schools due to such mischievousness, Lenovo got rid of the TrackPoint on the latest ThinkPad 11e.

Lenovo has redesigned its keyboard to have comparatively fewer spaces between the keys and the sockets.

General Specification, Launch Date And Price Range

Lenovo ThinkPad 11e is powered by a quadcore and Intel Celeron Bay trail processor. It houses a 16 GB drive on the Chromebooks, whereas the Windows variant gives a choice of HDDs and SSDs.

The Windows variant is expected to arrive by end of this month, which can be purchased for $449 (no-touch notebook) and $549 (Yoga-based notebook). The Chromebook variant should be available by the end of May or during the start of June, which can be purchased at a price of $349 and the yoga-based Chromebook model is priced at $429.

ThinkPad 11e (Yoga Chromebook Variant) General Review

The Lenovo ThinkPad 11e (Yoga Chromebook) has an 11.6 inches (1366 x 768 pixel) IPS touchscreen display. It is powered by Intel Celeron N2920 processor and can pack a battery life of up to 8 hours. The touchscreen is quite good and responsive.

The notebook has a solid plastic case and it comes with Gorilla Glass screen. It weighs around 3.3 pounds and the thickness is less than 0.9 inches. The Windows variant has Ethernet ports, but the Chromebook variant does not have one. 

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