New Lenovo ‘ThinkPad 10’ Tablet to Give Competition to iPad; Specifications, Stand-Out Features, Release Date, Accessories and Price

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Lenovo released its ThinkPad 8 in January, but now the company has unveiled the bigger variant, the ThinkPad 10. The ThinkPad 10 is fielded to be in competition with Apple's iPad among other similarly sized tablets ruling the market. The company is hoping to embezzle the market share of Apple's business customers by packing several powerful and distinctive features in its tablet.


The ThinkPad 10 tablet comes with a 10 inches display with 1,920 x 1,200 pixels (HD) screen resolution. The exterior has a black aluminium finish along with red accents. The tablet is powered by an Intel quad-core Bay Trail CPU and runs on Windows 8 OS.

Additionally, the tablet provides the option of viewing with different 'modes', similar to Lenovo's Yoga models. The four modes are termed as tablet, stand, laptop and desktop. The ThinkPad 10 houses an 8 MP rear-facing camera and a 2 MP front-facing camera unit.

The device comes with a solid 4 GB of memory and the internal storage capacity builds up to 128 GB of space. It is worth noting that, the tablet supports microSD card for further expansion. In addition, the tablet provides 3G and 4G LTE wireless connectivity support along with the Fingerprint/Smart Card reader support. It is expected to supply 10 hours of battery life.

Stand Out Features

It is worth noting that, the ThinkPad 10 provides docking capability. This capability allows the user to connect to an external keyboard, mouse or a monitor. In addition, the tablet comes with an 'optional' Stylus (digitizer pen) that helps in taking notes or to draw diagrams. The screen's inbuilt digitizer packs the much-required pressure sensitivity mechanism that helps in perfecting the handwriting.

However, the tablet does not feature an internal slot to house the Stylus.

Release Date and Price

The new ThinkPad 10 is priced at $599. The tablet will hit the store shelves in June. Additionally, the release of ThinkPad 10 will see a drop of $80 on its prior models.


The company Lenovo has a wide palette of accessory choices to offer and here is a list compiled by The Verge:

1.       The Ultrabook Keyboard can be purchased at a cost of $129.

2.       Touch Case, a Surface-like touch keyboard is priced at $119.

3.       A rugged rubber case for the tablet is priced at $69.

4.       A bright red "Quickshot" cover costs $59.

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