New Lemonhead Mascot Beats People's Reactions to McDonald's Happy [PHOTO, VIDEO]

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If the recent McDonald's Happy terrified Twitter and most social media users, The Lemonhead candy brand's new mascot might just top that. Ferrara Candy Co. rolled out an updated new mascot and introduced him on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook last Sunday. Just like McDonald's Happy not getting a positive welcome from social media users, "Lemonhead" starts to receive the same feedback.

Chicago-based Ferrara Candy Co. establishes a new fresh look for Lemonhead as its "shedding" his "little boy" look. The revamped character will help in promotional activities, and from time to time post updates for the company's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Along with the new look, the company will also include new packaging and a new logo.

"The 52-year-old brand of the Chicago-based Ferrara Candy Co. aims to get the attention of teens and young adults for the original candy and an older group for the Chewy Lemonhead that was introduced in 2007. Lemonhead has a fan base among 20- and 30-somethings," the company said, in a report from The Chicago Tribune.

Dawn Skyora, director of marketing for iconic brands at Ferrara, shared to The Tribune that the brand was looking forward to appeal to older consumers. Before, the character was illustrated as a cute Lemonhead child wearing a bowtie, and a patch of hair atop his head. The company has put the new Lemonhead to his early 20's. The character will be seen being active on social media, and watching live sports.

Along with the character's changes, the company made some changes like the logo being larger for easier finding on the shelves. More of the changes will be explained and revealed during the three-day Sweets and Snacks Expo at McCormick Place that started Tuesday, May 20.

Skyora said that the new look gave its candies a new and updated packaging, but the candy stays the same. They are updating the fruits in the package to make it more visually appealing. Also they have emphasised "the real lemon juice" in the packaging and added the calorie count information as now required on all food packaging.

Lemonhead's new look resulted similar feedback from McDonald's recent new character Happy, which scared (or made fun of) by social media users. Various reports have started comparing the new Lemonhead to Happy, or how these two companies have recently released advertisements that are intended to encourage people into their products - sadly for them, as the most of the public speaks out, it scared people more than attracting them.

The brand started on Lemonhead posting a Twitter photo with the caption, "Hey."

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Here some of the recent Twitter reactions to Lemonhead.

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