New Leaked Samsung UI Could Be Samsung Galaxy S5: Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Update

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Samsung makes the headlines every week with a new offering or a leaked tip. As the company prepares for a new set of phablets, tablets and smartphones this year, the market remains curious what the Korean tech giant has in store for people. Recently, a leaked UI of a Samsung device surfaced. Could this be the interface for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S? Will Samsung be incorporating the same UI to all of its upcoming devices?

Several reports came up last January about the new UI of Samsung. Notorious tipster @evleaks, posted  on Twitter last January 7 saying that Samsung has been "exploring a new smartphone UI." The screenshots at the time did not give away much. It is apparent that the appearance is different. Some sources go as far as to say that the UI appears somewhat cartoony.

The fonts also appear narrower similar to those found on low resolution devices. The lock screen appears excellent. The central screen sports information similar to BlinkFeed. Apps under Samsung show up together with Android in older format on the home screen. While there are no confirmations from Samsung from the time the tipster posted the UI, a new leak supports the flatter UI.

SamMobile reported a new UI leaked last February 3. According to the report, the leak shows Samsung's new Health application with new user interface. The interface appears to be flatter compared to the existing UI of the S Health. Although both applications sport a similar green color, the color is their only similarity.

The leaked S Health app does not have the drop shadows unlike the icons of the existing app. Likewise, the leaked UI also uses a lighter font. It seems Samsung is switching more towards the design guidelines Google issued for Android devices. The new S Health app works with a single screen showing the location of the user, audio and speed controls including distance travelled.

While people's reactions are mixed over the UI and what the Samsung Galaxy S5 could look like, still, many analysts believe the leaked UI is a good improvement on the company's part. People will have to wait for more details and confirmation from Samsung.

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