New Leak on iPhone 6 SIM Card Tray Indicates Space Gray, Gold, and Silver Colors Alongside Internal Components- Reports

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With Apple iPhone 6 release date approaching, the leaks, speculations and rumours have only intensified to a great extent. New report from Czechoslovakia points to the possible colour schemes of the upcoming iPhone 6, along with the new internal components.

Notably, reports from Tuesday suggested that both 5.5-inches and 4.7-inches iPhone 6 variants would use sapphire crystal display. In addition, another report claimed that Apple's iPhone 6 on release date will come with only a marginal battery improvement from its predecessor iPhone 5S. The 4.7-inches iPhone 6 variant will house a battery unit between 1,800 and 1,900 mAh, whereas the 5.5-inches iPhone 6 model will come with a 2,500 mAh battery unit.

What is New?

Freshly leaked images from a Czechoslovakian site named "Letem Svetem Applem" showcase the internal parts of the iPhone 6. The leaked images display an array of three SIM card trays that apparently belong to the upcoming iPhone 6. Moreover, the SIM card trays are shown in three colours silver, gold and space grey.

This confirms the recently released iPhone 6 prototypes in the same three colours that are making rounds in the blogosphere. Interested readers can check out the sleek Apple iPhone 6 renders from TheTechBlog. It is worth noting that iPhone 5S also comes in the aforementioned colours.

Furthermore, other image showcases a power flex cable and a volume flex cable of the actual iPhone 6. These leaked images were preceded by an earlier leak during the start of this month, which also portrayed two internal flex cables pertaining to the iPhone 6. However, the internal parts shown in these two reports are not completely similar.

Going by the image, the volume flex cable consists of both mute and volume buttons with huge separation between the two buttons. The power flex cable, on the other hand, depicts the same placement of connectors but the size of the button is relatively increased.

It is worth noting that, the dummy renders and mock-ups released so far have portrayed redesigned iPhone 6 button layouts. This consists of oval-shaped volume buttons and a side-positioned power button, according to MacRumours.

Leaked Images

Interested readers can check out the internal components and the coloured SIM card trays from the original Czechoslovakian source Letem Svetem Applem. Also, here is a link to the previously leaked images that showed similar internal components.

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