Is This the New iPhone 6, iPhone 5S?

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A leaked photo of the motherboard of Apple's iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 confirms rumours that the device will have an A7 quad-core CPU and GPU and 2 GB of RAM.

A screen shot of the photo published by iosDoc shown below is said to come from a very reliable source and is another proof that Apple will retain the size and 4-inch display. The original source of the article and photo is at:

The iPhone 5S features the new quad-core Apple A7 processor, clocked at 1.2Ghz, and iOS 7 which comes with a highly improved Siri capable of performing a lot of new cool stuff, iosDoc reports.

With the quad-core, users could expect faster performance compared to Apple's dual-core A6 clocked at 1.3Ghz. It will use the PowerVR quad-core SGX554MP4 graphic processor found in 4th generation iPads.

However, while the larger amount of power could improve gaming possibilities, it could sap battery life faster.

For its RAM, Apple is setting aside the 1GB of LPDDR2-1066 RAM for a dual-channel 2GB LPDDR-800 memory, expected to boost performance and multitasking.

Other possible features that may come with the iOS 7 are widgets and improved notifications center.

Being leaks, there is still the possibility that the photo - which showed an unchanged motherboard - is fake or photoshopped. More speculations about the iPhone 5S in this video.

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