New iPhone 6 Concept Fuses Looks of iPhone and Sony’s Xperia Z

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Nothing yet is confirmed about the iPhone 6, not even its existence, but phone designers cannot help to express how they envision the rumoured Apple phablet, which a new render suggests looks like Sony's Xperia Z.

In a new concept cooked up by Abel Verdezoto, the iPhone 6 appears as a gadget freshly rolled out from Sony's production lines, giving out images of a smartphone that bears Apple's signature black and Sony's boxy casing.

First published by Yanko Design, the oversized smartphone pushes new ideas that "include straight sides with chrome accents, upper and lower angles curved with grainy texture and gloss finish."

But unlike in earlier iPhone 6 renders, Mr Verdezoto chose not to tinker with the handset's Home button, which remains resting at the bottom portion of the phone's front face and maintaining its capacitive function.

However, the designer's touch was highlighted when he opted to position the power button and the volume rocker on the left side of his iPhone 6 concept. On the right side, provisions for a 3.5mm earphone jack and a Nano slot were allowed.

At the bottom, a metallic and magnetised connector was placed to accommodate accessories such as charging or speaker docks.

The revisions by Mr Verdezoto now suggest that new accessories will have to be introduced by Apple with the iPhone 6.

The concept is silent on other specs like screen size and the CPU powerhouse under its sleek-looking hood but so is Apple.

Experts, nonetheless, are convinced that Apple will make the iPhone 6 screen big enough to allow for a 4.8-inch or 5-inch display screen with A7 64-bit computing chips and iOS 7 running the whole show.

Analysts have projected that in case Apple will push through with the iPhone 6 launch, it will happen in the initial months of Q1 2014 and the phone will sport fingerprint sensor for extra security and wireless charging.

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