New iPad 5 Render Shows Off Expensive Futuristic Design [VIDEO]


A new photo and video of the rumoured iPad 5 surfaced online showing off high tech and expensive design.

There are a lot of concept images of the device online. However, one designer by the name of Ricardo Alfonso has given us a concept iPad that comes with a futuristic design. Whether this is a concept aimed at the full size iPad or the mini version is unsure.

The device may be manufactured from transparent glass, apart from the top and bottom, which are shown in a metallic material and this is where the home button and front facing camera is seen. The concept image did not explain as to where the components inside the tablet will be placed.

This particular concept image proved to be very expensive to manufacture since everything has to be transparent.

There has been a lot of talk and speculation about the Apple iPad 5 and some say that it has a design that is similar to the Apple iPad Mini. However it is not thought that this will be seen on the Apple iPad that the company will reveal this year.

With the recent release of upgraded iPad 4 with expanded storage of 128GB, speculations arose that we will see iPad 5 later this year alongside iPad Mini 2.

This is supported by a report from iLounge editor-in-chief Jeremy Horowitz states that the iPad 5 might not be released until October, "give or take a couple weeks" due to what he believes is a shortage of component supplies.

According to Horowitz, who apparently had some time with an iPad 5 prototype earlier in January, the new iPad will utilize a design similar to the iPad Mini's.

There will be practically no bezels, and the whole form factor has been made sleeker. Horowitz believes this design indicates that Apple will be calling on Sharp's IGZO screen technology. Sharp, however, according to Horowitz, has been struggling, and its ability to deliver components on time will play a key role in the release of the next iPad.

Meanwhile, tech giant Apple recently started selling the upgraded version of the iPad 4 with 128GB storage last February 5. This newest gadget includes a 9.7-inch retina display and 128 GB. The iPad 4 is basically the same as its predecessor, the only improvements being its storage size and retina display. However, the device costs $100 greater than the original version.

However, the Cupertino-based company remained tight-lipped on the rumours and on its plans for this year. Watch the video of the latest iPad 5 concept below. 

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