A New Ice Cream that Changes Colour With Each Lick

The Ice Cream is Made with Natural Ingredients and is a Treat to the Eye
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Two children eat ice cream cones at Quincy Marketplace on a summer's day in Boston
Two children eat ice cream cones at Quincy Marketplace on a summer's day in Boston, Massachusetts July 17, 2014. REUTERS/Brian Snyder (UNITED STATES - Tags: SOCIETY) Reuters

Ice creams are a world favourite, the different lip-smacking flavours are irresistible. Spanish physicists have added a little more magic into ice creams as they have developed a new ice cream that magically changes colour after every lick. This new form of ice cream is called Xamaleon.  

Spanish physicist, Manuel Linares had earned a master's diploma in Creating Artisan Ice Cream. He came up with the colour-changing ice cream in just a week after he signed up for training with Asociacion Empresarial Nacional de Elaboradores Artesanos y Comerciantes de Helados y Horchatas - a craftsmen and businessmen association in Spain that offers a mentored coursework.

Linares created an ice cream which is pale blue in colour and then the server sprays a spirit "love elixir" on to it. The spirit accelerates the colour-changing process, he said. As it is licked and consumed, the initial pale blue changes from blue to a deep purple and then a pink. The transformation is a treat to the eye as it takes 15 seconds to change and can be viewed as it is happening. It is said to taste like tutti-frutti ice cream. Linares did not reveal his colour-changing recipe, but said it contains all natural ingredients. He, along with a few friends, developed this ice cream, and he bore the costs all by himself.

This ice cream is only available in a shop owned by Linares Calella de Mar, in Barcelona. Linares is currently seeking a potential market for his product. He also said that he is working on developing different varieties of the ice cream, with different colour-changing patterns. One colour he stated would change colour from white to pink as it is eaten and another very novel ice cream would change colour when exposed to ultra violet light seen in dance clubs around the world.

According to reports, the ice cream "will be made with Peruvian and African medicinal plants which will supposedly provide an aphrodisiac effect."

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