New Herbal Concoction Claims Cure of HIV/AIDS in More Than 10,000 Patients After Treatment

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Source: Reuters

An herbal concoction reported in Malawi, Africa, claimed to be effective on curing AIDS infection and has saved more than 10,000 victims. Businesspeople, government employees and foreign tourists are lining up for the said treatment.

Malawi New Herbal Cure for AIDS

Dr. Zakeyu Banda, who resides in Area 25 in the capital Lilongwe, claimed that more than 10,000 people have been cured from the deadly virus causing AIDS after receiving his medication.

"It was during one night when an unknown person approached me saying he wanted to show me a tree which can be used to cure various diseases including AIDS. He advised me to go out and help those who are suffering from various diseases including AIDS," said by Dr. Banda, quoted by Nyasa Times.

"After taking the barks of the tree whose name I cannot disclose, I pound the barks until they become powdered. One table spoon can make a person free from the virus. Usually I advise them to take the medication for three months so that there can be complete removal of the virus," Dr. Banda explained.

Traditional Authority Kabudula in Lilongwe said that Dr. Banda started helping people back in 2003 when he was in Mzimba district and challenged anybody to bring an HIV-positive person for treatment.

"It is very unfortunate that some people still believe that AIDS has no cure, I feel so bad when I hear people speaking like that for I have the medication," Dr. Banda commented.

"What we know at the present is that AIDS has no cure and any claims of cure need to be substantiated through a rigorous exercise of what we call randomised controlled trials and other laboratory examinations too," Henry Chimbali, Ministry of Health spokesperson, said.

Other Herbal Medications Claiming to Cure HIV/AIDS

A.      Mchape is an herbal concoction reported by Goodson Chisupe - a Christian and part-time healer in Malawi. However, Mchape disappeared from the HIV cure scene after being disgraced.

B.      Garani MW1 claimed by Malawian Gloria Jeremiah as the real deal to the world against HIV. The herb showed preliminary results which require further identification of three major moieties within the functional groups of molecules. However, she said things became tricky when the government demanded that she reveal the name of her tree source.

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