New 'GTA Online' Infinite Money Glitch Found After 'GTA 5' 1.08 Update [WATCH]

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While Rockstar Games continues to work hard to fix infinite money exploits and other glitches found in GTA 5 and GTA Online, hackers also work hard to find new ways to exploit the video game. According to Gamezone, there is a new infinite money exploit found after the GTA 5 patch 1.08 and the recent stealth update in GTA Online.

The infinite money exploit is completely detailed and shown in a YouTube video on the GamingUnityTV channel, showing a new method to receive fast money in GTA Online. It involves participating in the High Priority Case mission. As you can see in the video, the player can gain easy and fast money by starting the High Priority Case mission and calling a helicopter for assistance.

After eliminating enemies successfully on the roof of the player's destination, a briefcase will come to his possession. To start the GTA Online infinite money exploit and earn big money quickly, you must hover over the delivery area without landing the helicopter. Doing this will start the money exploit and GTA dollars will start to amass in your account quickly. [Scroll down to keep reading]

Source: 5 - GamingUnityTV

Earlier in January, Rockstar announced its intentions of eliminating all exploits and glitches from GTA Online and GTA 5. The company just recently launched a stealth update to GTA Online that's believed to remove big GTA Online money exploits. Below is Rockstar's full statement:

"With regard to reports of cheating and hacking in Grand Theft Auto Online, our team is working on fixes that will remove all GTA dollars gained through any blatant exploits and prevent this from being used again in the future. We'll be taking appropriate measures to punish anyone we discover manipulating the game in this manner very soon. We have previously stated that players who have received big amounts of GTA dollars but are not engaged in any game manipulating via exploits are rest assured that they have nothing to fear."

GTA 5 was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in September 2013. GTA Online followed in October 2013 and has grown huge since its launch despite running into a couple of problems ranging from player exploitation to connection issues.

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