New Google Chrome Beta Has Hands-Free Voice Search Feature

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The new Google Chrome Beta makes hands-free search feature working. In the next few days, you'll be able to control Google searches on the Chrome browser using only your voice, as the latest Chrome beta brings this capability to Linux, Windows and Mac platforms.

Google regards its search box as equivalent to a command line for the web, one which entails an input text through typing. On mobile devices however, speaking is usually more convenient than typing, especially in places that do not require silence.

Voice recognition

Google spent more effort for an operational voice recognition tool, since the discontinuation of Goog-411 on April 2007. In 2011, the company brought in voiced queries to desktop computers via Chrome. Last year, it made enhancements to the voice search for both desktop and mobile devices.

Now, by simply saying, "Ok Google", you can give your search query by speaking it, as Google Chrome will search what you say next. Aside from searches and finding answers to your question, you can also tell Google to perform actions, set timers and create reminders. For example, a Google Chrome blog post suggests you could say "Ok Google, set a timer for 30 minutes". Or you can create a Google Now reminder with "Ok Google, remind me to email the daily report at 3pm today".

How to enable voice search

To enable the new feature, click the microphone icon in the search bar and it will indicate when the system is listening to you already. Whatever you will see next will be typed into the search box, and Google will go ahead with the search.

With the new voice feature, Chrome Beta also offers the updated supervised users feature. Users having admin access can go into the sites that are accessible by the users being supervised. This is applicable to parents to allow, block and manage website permissions for the users who are under their supervision.

On Thursday, the company activated the "hands-free" or "voice" search via its latest Chrome Beta for desktop users. Consider this a sign that Voice Search now matters than ever. After all, the future is towards mobile.

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