New 'Godzilla' Movie Trailer is Horrific: Features Freaked Out Bryan Cranston, Watch Here! [VIDEO]

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For all the "Godzilla" movie fans, there is some freaking good news. The new trailer of "Godzilla" is out and it is hundred times scarier than all its previous versions. One can see the rapid destruction, hear the screams, swatch the loss of nature and human life and also hear the chilling sounds of Bryan Cranston's scientist freaking out! The gigantic and super powerful reptile makes a stupendous comeback and fans are more than eager to watch what the movie has in store for them!

The trailer, which debuted online on Tuesday, shows some fresh footage of director Gareth Edwards' "Godzilla" where the extremely gigantic monster is making everything in the movie seem fickle. Be it nuclear power, machine guns, helicopters - nothing seems to last in front of the havoc wrecking monster who tumbles with the ocean waves, rubbishes the cities and also breaks the famous Statue of Liberty!

The trailer kicks off with the voice of "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston (who plays Joe Brody) and shows the extent of devastation and turmoil by the giant creature.

"You're hiding something out there ... and it's going to send us back to the Stone Age!," says his trebling voice.

"The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control," says one of the Japanese scientists played by Ken Watanabe. "And not the other way around."

The new trailer also talks about how "in 1954 we awakened something" and also mentions about nuclear tests in the Pacific. The audience is definitely in for some real suspense, thrill, shrieks, action and a lot of drama by this wrecking monster.

Though the full body picture of the giant Godzilla has been cleverly kept under the wraps by the movie's director, one can still see his huge spikes on the back and a little glimpse of his monster-face when the door closes at the end of the trailer. The movie has been made with a whopping budget of $160 million and is slated to be released on May 16, 2014. Meanwhile watch the latest trailer below and give us your views.


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