New Games on PS4, Xbox One: 'Kingdom Hearts 3,' 'Final Fantasy 15' and Possible 'Mass Effect Trilogy'?

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"Kingdom Hearts 3" has been officially listed for the Xbox One, so the franchise's reach is definitely expanding beyond the PS4 additional market.

This was pretty much confirmed when the title was spotted on the official Japanese Xbox One page. What's more, the title isn't just a game that has higher resolution, as the teaser states that the next-gen platform hardware will be utilised to make the game really reflect the power of next-gen.

GameRanx reports that even though "Kingdom Hearts 3" has already been listed for the Xbox One, it's highly unlikely that the release date will also be on Sep 4, the expected release date for the Xbox One in Japan. It's more likely that it'll release alongside the PS4 version later, if not next year.

'Final Fantasy 15' Listed for PS4, Xbox One

More details have finally surfaced for "Final Fantasy 15" for the Xbox One and PS4, as plot and some gameplay details have been revealed.

VG 24/7 has spotted a report stating that the production page of "Final Fantasy 15" has already also been updated with images. Over at the PS4 Web site, it was stated that the battles for the upcoming game is an evolution of the previous games of the franchise to be more realistic and have a more seamless means of switching from field to combat.

Noctis will also be a playable hero, as well as switch with other characters, though the mechanics for this has not yet been revealed. The same goes for the Xbox One. Since both platforms are next-gen, it was hinted that there will be features taking advantage of the next-gen console specs, so users can expect advances in that area compared to the previous installments.

'Mass Effect Trilogy' Coming for Next-gen?

While the other two have been finalised listings of the games, a sighting over at a Chilean retail Web site is purely rumour at this point, but one that fans of the "Mass Effect" franchise may love.

CVG reports that the "Mass Effect Trilogy" has been spotted as a listing for the PS4 and Xbox One, though no confirmations have been made by Bioware.

There have been previous hints and plans to get the game on the next-gen platform. But with the developer busy with "Mass Effect 4," it may either be an anticipated listing or gamers may be in for a surprise.

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