New Galaxy S4 Update System Could Jack-Up Prices of Future Samsung Handsets

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Samsung is set to introduce new update regimen with the Galaxy S4, giving the company more control in the normally complicated Android upgrade cycle, a new report said.

The new approach, according to SamMobile, would in the long-run lead to better update management for all Samsung Galaxy handsets, likely resolving the fragmented procedure that usually characterised the deployment of new Android versions.

It is no secret that Samsung has been working on a new system that will eliminate the delays of jumping into the next Android level due to manufacturers' reconfiguration of the Google mobile platform.

With the new system, Samsung will dispatch firmware patches on regional levels, localising the procedure to expedite the distribution of the software.

The adjustment, according to SamMobile, would also allow Samsung real-time monitoring of its device turnovers, providing for fresher updates on how exactly a certain Samsung device is faring at the retail point.

Now the thought of getting the latest Android rendition from Samsung in the shortest time possible should be welcome news for Galaxy fans but the new system has its drawbacks.

For one, an unlocked Galaxy S4 bought in the United States but activated in Australia will encounter update hiccups since the Samsung system will read the handset as ineligible for support in the region.

Another fear, SamMobile said, is the likely increase in retail price of Samsung handsets. No thanks to regional restrictions, the hands of local distributors would be practically tied on ordering only Australia-configured Galaxy S4 shipments.

Gone will be the days when an Aussie retailer can source his product from locations where pricing is more attractive, giving him the leeway to mark down the sticker price for example the Galaxy S4.

In short, it would be futile to import from China S4s that would not work properly in Australia.

The new Samsung move, if realised, will lead to better device update, inventory and sales management for all its handsets, resulting to superb overall Galaxy smartphone experience that straddles all Samsung fans.

But the big question is: Will Galaxy S4 fans (and other Samsung smartphone users) swallow the higher price and other attending restrictions in exchange for a more efficient Android-TouchWiz environment?

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