New Form Factor & Health-Centric Features Tipped for iPhone 6 2014 Release Date

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Expect not only a large-screen iPhone 6 but also a major redesign on its 2014 release date plus a welcome bonus - direct access to health applications inside the App Store.

These exciting changes are strongly hinted in the torrent of leaks that point to a big revision on the next iPhone form factor. The latest leaks from an Italian blog site, according to BGR, showed a completely revamped iPhone 6 - bigger, wider, taller, slimmer and the body-build accentuated by curved edges that hark back to the iPhone 3G.

But some reports identify the transformation as more of taking after the Galaxy S3, which was issued in 2012 by Apple's bitter rival - Samsung. The comparison makes sense since Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Securities has reported earlier that the iPhone 6 screen will upgrade 4.7-inch coming from the 4-inch iPhone 5S.

The same prediction applies to the bigger 5.5-inch iPhone 6, which Kuo said will come out a little later following the launch of the smaller version.

So far, clues about the upcoming iPhones - numerous case covers and device renders - seem to assert that Apple fans will surely get the upsize treatment that they have clamouring for, said the same BGR report.

The remodelling, however, is not merely confined to the hardware and appearances as a Reuters report suggests that part of the key iOS 8 improvements to come is the setting up of a parallel application library that focuses on health-related features and services.

The plan to integrate medical and health services with the upcoming iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices was reportedly revealed by the hiring activities of Apple. According to CNET, the tech giant recently recruited six medical professionals but their exact responsibilities are yet to be defined.

The best clue, Apple Insider said in a report, is the likely development of health-centric platform within the App Store that will offer apps across the full range of iOS devices. That means that the blueprint calls for services that will implementation in the iPhone 6, the 2014 iPads and possibly the persistently-rumoured iWatch.

"With this year's anticipated launch of iOS 8, Apple has been rumoured to delve even further into the health and fitness market," noted the Apple Insider report, adding that core to this offering is the Healthbook application.

These fresh look and features are expected to come right out of the box with the iPhone 6, the release dates of which is reportedly set separately - September for the 4.7-inch edition and December 2014 for the phablet 5.5-inch phablet version.

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