New Device Concept Shows off a Faster Black iPad Mini 2 with Retina and Virtually No-Bezel

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On its rumoured release date, Apple's iPad Mini 2 will display maximum sexiness in form-factor plus double the resolution density of its predecessor, creating a render that essentially is a shrunk iPad 4.

The power beneath the compact iOS 7 tablet, according to Dutch tech blog site, is an A6X chip that Apple had previously employed to bring the iPad 4 into life. It makes sense, experts said, that the tech giant will use existing components for the refreshed iPad Mini.

The move hits three stones for Apple - levelling up the Mini 2's capabilities, saving up production costs and keeping up with the release calendar. The Mini 2 is primed for a rollout that could come between September and October, analysts said.

And when that time comes, MobiLeaks is convinced that the Mini 2 will largely take a page from the original iPad Mini body-make, which many said is the one attribute that propelled the small Apple slate to the top of the global tablet food chain.

The Mini 2, however, is distinctive with its virtually invisible bezel around the screen, according to the render, enveloping a 7.9-inch screen that for the second version will beam out a jaw-dropping resolution of 2048 x 1536, thanks to its Retina display component.

The pixel is incredibly immersive at 324 pixels per inch, which is the same screen prowess found in the fourth-gen iPad that Apple had launched with the original iPad Mini. Despite having the better specs, the iPad 4 was largely overshadowed by the relatively underpowered Mini.

Now that the Mini 2 is carrying much of the muscle of its bigger iPad sibling, analysts expect the small tablet to trigger a giant leap on Apple's sales performance beginning the last quarter of 2013.

This, in spite of the possibility that the iPad Mini 2 will gain some heft for the second serving, reaching a device thickness of up to 7.5mm from the last outings' 7.2mm. The compromise will at least accommodate a more powerful battery that would give Mini 2 users more tablet enjoyment in a single charge.

Apple will provide a powerful camera mix of 8MP on main and 2MP on front with the Mini 2, MobiLeaks said. The device will retail in three storage configurations - 16GB, 32GB and 64GB - though there were speculations that the tech giant would manufacture a 128GB make intended for business use.

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