New Death Record in Gaza: International Community Demands Ceasefire, Israel Pays No Heed

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Palestinians read the Koran next to the body of Munir Al-Badarin during his funeral in Samoa village, south of the West bank city of Hebron
Palestinians read the Koran next to the body of Munir Al-Badarin during his funeral in Samoa village, south of the West bank city of Hebron July 14, 2014. Israeli troops shot dead Al-Badarin during clashes with stone-throwers in the occupied West Bank on Monday, both sides said, as tensions mounted over Israel's military offensive in Gaza. Israel also detained dozens of Palestinians overnight in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, said activists, part of a crackdown on suspected militants stepped up last month after the abduction and killing of three Jewish seminary students.A Palestinian witness said Al-Badarin, 21, and other young men were throwing rocks at soldiers outside the West Bank village of Samoa when they were fired on by another army unit. REUTERS/Mussa Qawasma

New records have been created in Gaza, of which humanity should not be much proud of. Israel managed to kill 184 Palestinians and injure around 1,300 others. The number of deaths which mostly involves civilians is greater than that of the 2012 war, according to a report of the Arab League which asked for taking "urgent" measures to put an end "Israeli aggression on Gaza." The Cairo conference also came to a conclusion that Palestinians should be provided protection.

The international community has started insisting that Israel should immediate declare ceasefire. According to the EU, "all parties in the region" will demand for an immediate ceasefire. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry earlier expressed the willingness of the White House to extend help to ensure an end to the on-going hostility.

Israeli residents, on the other contrary, may not be in favour of declaring ceasefire in immediate future. The Independent quoted 28-year-old Ofer Shemtov saying that a ceasefire at this moment would only improve Hamas' capability. Retired bus driver Yaacov Levy believes Israel should stop its attack on Palestine only if it is ensured that Gaza does not possess any missiles.

Meanwhile, Israeli authorities have claimed to have shot down a drone sent from Gaza. According to the authorities, this was the first instance when Hamas used an unmanned aircraft against Israel during the on-going conflict. Israeli also claimed that around a thousand rockets had been fired from Palestine even though none of those could harm any Israeli.

According to Hamas, it use drones for two purposes, either for gathering intelligence or for dropping weapons. It was the first time it admitted using drones. It said that it sent three drones to Israel on Monday, July 14 although Israel maintained its stand that there was only one. The drone was shot down near Ashod, a city near the southern coastline of Israel. Moshe Yaalon, the Defence Minister of Israel, said that Hamas was leaving no stones unturned to strike at Israel.

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