New Cancer Drug by Sydney Researchers Brings New Hope to Cancer Patients [VIDEO]

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Researchers in Sydney have reached a breakthrough in developing a new type of cancer drug which would target the tumour cells from the inside. The new cancer drugs were tested in rodents and researchers observed that basic structure of cancer cells were being destroyed.

The Sydney researchers have also tested the new cancer drug in cell cultures. The tests have shown promising results as they proved to be effective in destroying every type of cancer which includes neuroblastomas and other cancers affecting children that are difficult to treat.

Lead researcher in Sydney's University of NSW Peter Gunning said the new cancer drug they developed caused the collapse of the cancer cell at a relatively fast pace. Mr. Gunning likened the destruction of the cancer cell to that of a building collapsing as shown in television news reports.

Mr Gunning called the new cancer drugs as anti-tropomyosins and said these will soon be added to the classes of drugs used in chemotherapy. Sydney researchers are hopeful they have achieved a long sought-after target.

Many scientists have attempted to develop a drug that will attack the structure of cancer cells for years but they have yet to develop something to destroy cancer cells and leave the body's tissues untouched.

Mr Gunning said no one has yet to come up with a cancer drug like the one they had in Sydney. The new cancer drug was designed to target tropomyosin, a type of protein in the cell, and organise the destruction of cancer cells from within its structure.

Other medical research groups have focused on developing cancer medication that worked against actin, a cellular molecule that pairs with another protein. Mr. Gunning said the actin found in cancer cells are almost the same as the ones found in the heart and muscles. The heart may stop beating if drugs targeting the actin are taken.

The findings of the new cancer drug developed by Sydney researchers are published in the Cancer Research journal. Mr. Gunning said the target now is to conduct a trial for neuroblastoma in 2014 using the new cancer drugs.

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