New Bonds Model Nick Krygios Is Not A Fan of Underwear [VIDEO]

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Ooops, the newest underwear model of Bonds lets it slip that he is not a fan of wearing it underneath.

Tennis phenom Nick Krygios, the newest poster child for Australian underwear label Bonds told Sunrise hosts Samantha Armytage and David Koch that he actually prefers Nike Skins when he takes the court. It was a candid moment that could strike some public relations nightmare for Krygios and his team.

"I actually don't wear underwear on the court. I wear Nike Skins underneath my shorts," he bares during an interview on his newest sponsorship deal.

Luckily the quick to act hosts of the television show diverted the attention to other issues, particularly the upcoming 2014 US Open and his recent victory over Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon. When asked by Koch of Rafa's grundy creep persona, Armytage had to swoop in and explain further that the grundy look was referring to a wedgie.

According to Yahoo! Sports, The 19-year-old tennis sensation blamed poor connection on his mix-up of Bonds and Nike and his awkward response to the questions of the hosts. He took to social media site Twitter his assessment of the interview.

Krygios replaced tennis legend Pat Rafter as Bonds model in billboards and television advertisements all over. He is currently preparing for the upcoming 2014 US Open after toppling Rafael Nadal in the recent Wimbledon Championships.

See below the advertisement for Bonds underwear featuring Krygios:

(Video Courtesy of: Youtube/Bonds Australia)

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