New Bermuda Triangle Near Asia? Wild Theories on the Missing Malaysian Plane MH370

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It is possible that the families of each passenger on board Malaysian Flight MH370 would get  up to $8 Million in Compensation.
It is possible that the families of each passenger on board Malaysian Flight MH370 would get up to $8 Million in Compensation. Reuters

Wild and unsubstantiated theories are making the rounds on social media. One of the most popular theories which has caught peoples' attention is that of a new Bermuda Triangle near Asia, which tries to explain the mystery behind the missing Malaysian plane MH370.

As more days go by without any convincing explanation as to where and how the Malaysian plane MH370 went missing, it was expected that people would come up with their own explanations for the event.

The theories ranged from alien abduction to interference from advance technology of the lost city of Atlantis. But the theory that has gained a lot of popularity is the possibility of new Bermuda Triangle in Asia.

The original Bermuda Triangle roughly covers the area between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where several ships and airplanes reportedly disappeared. The idea was very popular in the 1970s but many scientists do not subscribe to this notion of unexplained disappearances in this area.

Some say that the whole Bermuda Triangle theory has been debunked as many ships travel in that same area today without disappearing. But believers have held on to the possibility that the area has some unexplained mystery attached to it.

With the news of the Malaysian plane MH370 having "disappeared" without a trace many believe that the effects are similar to what happens in a Bermuda Triangle, even though the incident took place half way around the world in Asia.

But some people are persistent with their belief and explain the phenomenon as the New Bermuda Triangle. Some say that the area around which the Malaysian plane MH370 went missing is exactly opposite to the Bermuda Triangle, this claim may also not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

One of the more rational theories being investigated by the authorities is that of a terrorist hijack of the plane. The role of the pilots of the plane is also being investigated. No convincing explanation has come forward so far leaving a gap to be filled by people, and people are filling that gap with theories of supernatural forces at play.

Meanwhile search and rescue operations continue for the missing Malaysian plane MH370. More than 26 countries are involved in the search. Radar information and information received from satellites are currently being analysed.

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