New Aussie Senator Jacqui Lambie Finally Meets Psychotic Politician-cum-PM; Crossbenchers Side With Opposition & Greens in Pushing for a Climate Change Debate

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Tony Abbott
Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott (L) talks to a guest during a lunch meeting in Shanghai April 11, 2014. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

The newbie senator of the Australian Parliament, Jacqui Lambie from the Palmer United Party, finally met on Monday the man she just described as a psychotic politician, Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The PM didn't respond negatively to Lambie's description, which would likely elicit a different response had it come from former PM Julia Gillard who once charged Mr Abbott in Parliament as a misogynist.

The newbie legislator admits that one day she wants to occupy the same seat that Mr Abbott is occupying. The meeting is part of the prime minister's efforts to meet the new crossbenchers to secure support for his pet legislation to repeal the Labor government-initiated carbon tax.

Besides Lambie, Mr Abbott had also met with Senators Ricky Muir, Bob Day, David Leyonhjelm, John Madigan and Nick Xenophen and MP Clive Palmer. He is also expected to meet with Senators Glenn Lazarus and Dio Wang.

Lambie considers the PM a psychotic because he paraded his two single daughters in front of the cameras during the campaign period in mid-2013 in a bid to win votes for himself and the Opposition then despite the security risk he exposed his adult daughters.

Xenophon, an independent legislator, advised the new senators not to be intimidated into stifling debate on the carbon tax repeal.

He was obviously heeded by the newbies and Mr Abbott's efforts to court the crossbencher senators' votes to push for the immediate repeal of the carbon tax by doing away with debate was frustrated on Monday. Palmer's party sided with the Greens and the Opposition into going for a climate debate launched by Senator Mitch Fifield.

The Coalition was hoping to hold voting on the carbon tax repeal this week by taking advantage of the confusion among new senators, but apparently it is not happening. The shift could also spell another failure on the part of the government to repeal the carbon tax already twice rejected by the old Senate.

What happened could be an indicator of the rough days ahead for the fulfillment of Mr Abbott's prime campaign promise to repeal Julia Gillard's carbon tax law which turned one year on July 1.

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