New Apple iOS 8: Hidden Code Points to 'Split-Screen Multi-Window' Feature in iPad; 3 Killer Features Reinventing iPhone 6

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After the trend set by Samsung Galaxy series, the split-screen functionality also known as multi-window functionality will be featured in the new iPad. Such multi-window option was expected to be unveiled in Apple's WWDC 2014 event. But Apple did not showcase this feature for its iPad.

This feature is one of the long-awaited aspects of Apple iPad. But Apple is tight-lipped about this. According to BGR, a hidden code in iOS 8 beta software suggested the much-awaited split-screen multi-tasking feature is debuting in Apple iPads.

The hidden code cited the ability of iPad to run two apps simultaneously split across the screen. The split can either be 50/50 or even 75/25. The Web site also said these two modes help in adjusting the view according to the requirement of individual apps. This new feature could either be officially introduced this fall along with iOS 8 or later this year.

Also, the rumors surrounding iPhone 6 features are still making waves even after the closure of WWDC 2014. Here is a roundup of the three killer features expected in the upcoming iPhone 6.

According to past rumors, the wireless charging option will not be part of iPhone 6. But the recent news is that the new iPhone 6 design includes an additional layer under the shell, which connects to an inductive charging surface to facilitate energy transfer. Apple could be using the Qi standard technology to facilitate this feature.

In addition to the wireless charging option, a LTE radio feature is also on the cards. This will be introduced to facilitate improved data transfers. The new LTE radio can provide date transfers of up to 300 mbps speed. iPhone 6 is set to come with a faster Category 6 LTE radio. The radio is not the LTE Advanced radio. The LTE Advanced radio can give up to 3.3 gbps download rates.

The long-awaited and much-rumored iPhone 6 feature is NFC. According to the source, Apple will follow the trend set by other major flagship smartphones by introducing the NFC feature in its iPhone 6. It remains to be seen though, if these killer features will indeed be realized.

According to Venture Beat, the upcoming iPhone 6 is nearing completion and being put through durability, speed and performance testing. iPhone 6 with bigger screen size is expected to debut this September. The upcoming iPhone will run the new iOS 8 operating system that was introduced in the previous week in WWDC 2014.

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