New App Measures Entire Room With 'Project Tango' Devices

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Google has rolled out a new tablet and smartphone hardware called "Project Tango."

According to BGR, the project team took more than a year to create smartphones and tablets with complex series of sensors that can use a camera to quickly scan and build a 3D map of the interior of any room.

To make it more useful, a third-party developer released an incredible mobile app which makes Tango work perfectly. The VentureBeat reported Smart Picture, a Texan-based start up,

created this app that uses Project Tango hardware as a tool to measure the contents of the room.

The app was shown during a session at the Google I/O conference. To use the Smart Picture's app, it is required to click every angle using a 3D mapping-capable camera. The app will provide a set of tools that will specify what should be measured. The app then delivers the measurement through a cloud-based platform.

Most smartphones can take only static, 2D pictures, but a 3D mapping camera can record the entire shape of an object or a scene. The technology is nothing new, but it has been available at the expensive side. But in Google Tango devices, 3D imaging is very cheap.

According to VentureBeat, Smart Picture plans to license its technology to businesses in the home improvement and insurant industries to provide measurement as a service.

The revenue will be generated through partnership between Smart Picture and its business clients. These clients would be accessing a limited version of the smart measurement for free and more advanced features but they would require a paid subscription. Smart Picture would take a cut from the payment.

Also, the VentureBeat further reported Smart Picture is not the only company that provides quick measurements through 3D imaging tech within Google Tango hardware.

There are companies like the Montreal-based software publisher Sensopia, which has the new MagicPlan service that focuses on surveying a venue or a building and creating a thorough indoor map, including room measurements and displays the shape of the room. 

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