New Android UI "Moonshine" Leaked with 14 New Icons; Is it Exclusive with Android 4.5?

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A leaked screenshot showed the new user interface of an upcoming Android version that features slightly flattened design under the codename "Moonshine." However, sources believe that it may not be an exclusive feature on Android 4.5 and could only represent Google's desire for new designs.

New User Interface

While Nexus 5 users are busy downloading the bug fixing Android 4.4.3 KitKat, a new user interface of unknown Android version leaked online. It is under the codename "Moonshine" and features slightly flattened interface with revamp of several icon designs.

Flat user interface is now a new trending for icons which was first initiated by Apple on iPhone 5S then followed by HTC and Samsung by lowering down extreme designs of Sense and TouchWiz, respectively.

According Android Police, Google is somehow changing icon styles on Android OS with similar ones used on their Web services. "Moonshine" as internal reference of the leaked user interface takes design level to flatter look.

Changes in the icon packs and design also represents follow-up on Android and Google guidelines regarding updates. Although similar with Web icons of Google services, new Android app icons are more sophisticated and pleasant to the eyes compared to the current ones.

Revamped Icon for Apps

It is not a surprise if Google services are the first to obtain icon revamps since these apps are default among Nexus devices, Google edition smartphones and tablets, and any Android device running vanilla UI.

Around 14 Google apps received the new set of icon designs which may be changed without notice:

-          Google Play Store

-          Google Play Music

-          Google Books

-          Google Movies

-          Google Games

-          Google Plus

-          Google Calendar

-          Google People

-          Google Chrome

-          YouTube

-          Google Maps

-          Gmail client

-          Hangouts

-          Native camera app

Is it Coming in Android 4.5?

Sources think that these icons are the final set of redesign to be released by Google soon. However, there is no concrete evidence of exclusivity for Android 4.5 running devices. Google may simply update the native apps and include new icons on every Android device.

Additionally, Google may bring these new icons to both Web services and Android devices as part of revamp and update. Icon makeover does not necessarily mean new features and could simply indicate redesign.

Before the release of Android KitKat, Google updated their apps and services with occasional change on app icons which probably the same thing the company may do for all devices using them.

Android KitKat was also released in segmented version for devices unable to get the full firmware by allowing KitKat experience from various Google apps such as Ok Google and YouTube.

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