New Android-Based HTC Desire 8 leaked, Features 5.5-inch Display and More

By @peevesky on

HTC looks forward to settling in the market following its series of legal issues and settlements. To mark the company's re-entry into the competition, recent information indicate that HTC is working on the Desire 8. The device has been leaked including specs like a 5.5-inch display. Despite the dispute with Apple and Microsoft, there are those who argue that HTC can go back and get a good market share with the right products. Can the HTC Desire 8 do the trick? 

There are analysts who believe that Apple, Microsoft and Nokia gained a good market standing because of the innovations they introduced to the smartphone and operating system markets. Likewise, some experts believe that a new player like HTC must focus or invest more on certain areas of the market to compete in such as high stakes arena. 

HTC is best known for partnering with firms like Microsoft and Nokia to manufacture devices. Analysts warn that because of the legal settlements and HTC's failed advertising venture, the company has been struggling in the Android market. Previously recognized as one of the top sellers in the United States, HTC will focus on releasing "mid-range" devices in 2014 - according to a report by Daily Tech. The company is banking on the market to give profits despite the narrow margin. 

The mid-range market offers great opportunity for the company as there are a great number of consumers in the group. There are more people who can afford mid-range phones compared to the high-end offerings. It appears HTC will be focusing on this market to gain back its market standing. 

The Desire 8 marks the company's venture into that market. There have been leaked photos of the device surfacing around already. Far from the HTC One, the Desire 8 will be doing away with the costly metal body. Instead, it will follow the footsteps of the Nokia Lumia and iPhone 5c - trading cheaper plastics over metal. 

According to a report from Engadget, the leaked photos feature a device with white polycarbonate body. Other colors available include cyan, orange, yellow and red. Other features reported include 13MP primary camera, 5.5-inch display, stereo speakers and 5MP front camera.

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