New ‘Amazon Smartphone’ – Specs, Exclusive Image, Camera Feature, Amazon Deal & Release Date

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Amazon's unannounced smartphone started making rounds in the internet space with its leaked images, starting last month. Interested readers can check out the exclusive image of the smartphone from the website BGR by clicking here. The exclusive image gives the first impression of Amazon handset's design and build.

Design & Release Date

Amazon's upcoming handset has clearly taken design cues from some of the existing flagship smartphones including that of Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy models and the HTC One. Apparently, the most-awaited handset is fairly comfortable to use with just one hand, even though it is larger in size. It is worth noting that, Amazon's novel gesture control technology helps in making the one-handed operation as comfortable as possible.

Amazon's smartphone is expected to be launched in the third quarter of this year.


Amazon's brand new handset will sport a 4.7 inches display combined with 720p HD screen resolution. The handset will be powered by a quad-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon processor) with 2GB of RAM.

In addition, this phone will house a unique 'six individual' camera units and a heavily skinned version of Google's Android operating system which is expected to be similar to Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets. Going by the available image, this phone looks slightly thicker than the most prominent and top-selling smartphones available in the global market.

Unique Camera Feature

According to BGR, the smartphone will feature a unique interface with 3D effects enabled by four front-facing infrared cameras which assist in tracking the position of the user's head with respect to the device's screen. Additionally, the handset also features various sensors to get the best of any captured image. The camera will be equipped to understand gesture-based controls in order to easily access menus and other required information.

Amazon's Special Offer

Amazon has come up with a special data plan called 'Prime Date' pertaining to their upcoming smartphone. Although, there is no information on what exactly this data plan could offer to the users, rumor has it that, the smartphone could be exclusive to AT&T and Prime Data could be a monthly data plan that is intended to provide free prime video and music streaming. 

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