New Before and After Photos: More Proof of Valeria Lukyanova Human Doll Surgery [PHOTOS]

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Up to this day, human doll, Valeria Lukyanova, denies allegations that she had plastic surgery procedures to enhance her look. But according to fans, the model did undergo rib removal and breast enhancements.

In a new set of photos that has surfaced and revealed how Valeria look before deciding to transform herself into a human doll. In the "before" photos, the side of the nose is more round, compared to the flat appearance it has right now, like it has been patterned to look like Barbie's nose.

Another photo shows that her cheeks and neck have lines, with her cheeks looking fuller and her jawline more defined. Her tiny waist is also a target among the people who scrutinize her Barbie looks. On her YouTube page, one fan insists that Valeria went under the knife.

"You can't have a waist that small not only because of the size of her hips but also because of her diameter under her breasts, which is her ribs. Her upper ribs don't coincide with her lower ribs which means she has gotten 2, if not 4(all of her "floating"), ribs removed. Some people will even get 6 removed (3 on either side), it depends on the surgeon." pointed one YouTube commenter.

"Floating rib" removal is a trend popular among models and stars to take off inches and provide a perfect hourglass figure.

Based on the photos below, do you think Valeria did, in fact, spend some time on a surgeon's table?

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