Netizens React over Geoff Shaw's 'Tummy Eggs' Explanation on Radical Abortion Bill

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Netizens were quick to react on Twitter with the hashtag #tummyeggs over the unfortunate use of the word "tummy" by Australian MP Geoff Shaw as he explained his point on the radical abortion bill he proposed.

Mr. Shaw's explanation about the bill to drastically change the abortion laws in Victoria put him on hot waters instead of backing it up. It sparked anger from women's rights groups all over the world with netizens tweeting about it on the social media site.

According to an article from The Independent, Mr. Shaw said: "Here in Australia we can't kill snake eggs but we are quite happy to kill an egg in the tummy and it should be the safest place for a baby to be."

The bill which was set to be forwarded to State Parliament bans the practice of partial-birth and gender selection abortions. Mr. Shaw also said: "How can any women who are pro-women's rights say that you can kill girls?"

In reaction to the Mr. Shaw's explanation, one Twitter user Dame Delly Melba  said: "People who don't have #tummyeggs don't get to make laws about #tummyeggs." Lady Galena of Girl also stated: "Actually, I find it quite plausible that Geoff Shaw is a product of the digestive system #tummyeggs."

Another user Luscious Lani also raised a question: "Can someone explain why we're having an anti-abortion bill drafted by someone with no comprehension of the fertilisation process?" Another user quickly answered her: "@LusciousLani it's as ridiculous as having a hearing on reproductive rights with all men on the panel. Like in the US. #tummyeggs."

Even male Twitter users reacted negatively. One user Andrew P. Street stated: "For God's sake, don't anybody tell Geoff Shaw about menstruation. Libra will be accessories to genocide. #tummyeggs." Luke Ablett also stated: "Frankston has had a lot to answer for over the years, but this by Geoff Shaw surely takes the cake #tummyeggs."

While explaining the bill, Mr. Shaw claimed that Victoria has one of the worst abortion laws in the world. He urged doctors to help alleviate the pain that fetuses would undergo during the abortion process by providing pain relief. He also called for babies who are abortion survivors to be resuscitated.

However, his claim was debunked by several well-known personalities. The executive director of Women's Health Victoria, Rita Butera mentioned in The Independent that Mr. Shaw's views were based on myths and misconceptions.

It is expected that once the bill will be passed more severe changes to abortion law will follow.

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