Netflix Set to Enter Australian Market to Launch 'Better' Media Streaming Services

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Netflix, a U.S. video-on-demand company, has reported it has set its motion to launch its services in Australia.

ZDNet cited Netflix has started negotiations with Village Roadshow, a domestic media and film producing company, to chalk out the modalities of launching its services Down Under.

Village Roadshow has hailed the move claiming this should go a long way in curbing piracy and copyright infringement issues in the country.

People have often noted the lack of a suitable media streaming company like Netlix as the reason for committing piracy. Village Roadshow is worried about this trend, which can be considered quite natural for a company that claims to make $2.6 billion worth of films in Australia.

They believe people will be less inclined to pirate popular TV shows once they have easy access with these. But it's not yet known when exactly Netflix will be starting its Australian operations.

Co-CEO of Village Roadshow Graham Burke said those involved in habitual piracy should be served "education" notices that will make them aware of the ills of piracy or have their Internet speeds drastically reduced to discourage downloading of pirated materials.

Early rumors cited Netflix will be coming to Australia. But things are finally looking to take concrete shape this time. This also comes at a time when the Australian government is in the process of devising policies to seriously tackle the piracy menace.

Netflix will have to contend with local video streaming companies such as Ezyflix and Quickflix once it launches its services in Australia. The segment will be enormous with people seemingly not having enough of TV shows or the latest movies they now get.

Quickflix CEO Stephen Langsford allayed any fears of the business getting affected once Netflix sets up business in the country.

He said the sheer size of the market, together with a varied product mix, would be enough to keep the domestic players in contention. 

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