Netanyahu Asks U.S. Help to Dodge 'War Crime' Allegations, Israeli Website Calls Arab Nations 'Schizophrenic'

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Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu at a News Conference in Jerusalem
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds a news conference at his office in Jerusalem August 6, 2014. REUTERS/Jim Hollander

Israel asked U.S. lawmakers to help the Jewish nation dodge "war crime" allegations. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently had a discussion with a U.S. delegation on Wednesday, Aug. 6.

Netanyahu met top U.S. officials to discuss the relation between the two countries. The U.S. government has recently been critical about Israel's offensive in Gaza that killed hundreds of civilians in Palestine. U.S. President Barack Obama earlier said that Israel should be more careful about protecting the civilians.

The U.S. State Department also condemned Israel's attack on a UN school. Netanyahu, on the other hand, told the U.S. group of legislators to support his government so that it stays out of the prosecution of the International Criminal Court (ICC). The New York Post reported that it obtained the information from "one top lawmaker."

The Jerusalem Post, meanwhile, accused Arab nations of having "schizophrenic" reactions on "what seems to be the end of the Gaza war." According to "Israel's best-selling English daily and most-read English website," the Arab nations condemned Israel for mass destruction. On the other hand, they now claim that the Hamas movement has been victorious against Israel as the truce has been declared, the website reported.

TJP even accused Al Jazeera of being a support system for the Islamic activists. It said that Qatar used the media channel to show pictures of Palestinian victims and alleged Israeli atrocities. Al Jazeera's use of "Gaza triumphs" in articles on the ceasefire was also criticised by the Israeli Web site. It referred to a report by the Middle East Media Research Institute that apparently revealed that Al Jazeera had been pro-Hamas.

The NY Post, meanwhile, quoted Congressman Steve Israel saying that Netanyahu asked the U.S. delegation to "work together" with Israel while Palestinian leaders were all set to approach the ICC to draw criminal charges against Israel.

"It's Hamas that embedded its rockets in hospitals and in homes," said the congressman. "And now there are some in the international community who want to investigate the Israelis for the war crime of simply defending themselves."

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