'Neon Trees' Frontman Tyler Glenn Comes Out, His Own Life Story Related to Their New Single [VIDEO]

"Neon Trees" frontman Tyler Glenn has recently announced that he was gay last March. Glenn has been keeping his secret to the public since six years old, and now he had the guts to announce it to everyone.

One of the things that made it hard for Glenn keeping his secret was that he grew attending the church. The Church of Jesus Christ's Latter-day Saints or the Mormons officially says gay sexuality is a "'serious transgression' - the same category in which it puts rape, murder and theft - and spent an estimated $22 million fighting LGBT rights in California in the battle over Proposition 8," in a report from the Rolling Stone.

After publicly announcing he is a gay Mormon, he was surprised that his church didn't condemn him for his sexuality. Glenn promised to assist his other fellow youth in the Mormon community about gay acceptance. "On the level of being a role model for kids or LGBT Mormon youth, I'm totally down because I come from that background and I would be able to speak to them honestly," Glenn said, reported The Chicago Sun-Times.

But Glenn strongly expresses that his recent announcement doesn't affect or reflect the entire band. He says Neon Trees will still perform and entertain just like before.

Tyler Glenn and the rest of the Neon Trees were raised Mormons. The band said they have no close affiliations with their church, but they always follow its strict ordinances against drinking or using drugs. The Band proudly says that they never used any of these during their recordings or performances.

Glenn has gone through hard and trying times before he landed his career in the music industry. When he was 18 years old, he told his parents that he'll pursue the Mormon's missionary duties, while keeping his music dreams alive inside of him. He lived for two years in Hastings, Nebraska doing door-to-door visits spreading his religion. During his years in mission, the New Wave punk genre is making a killing in the music scene and that's when he decided to finally pursue his music dreams.

Eventually, Glenn along with his close friends started their own band and went on with concert tours. As the band's popularity grew, Glenn often had conflicts with the audience and the people around him, because of the stress of hiding his sexual identity. A few months passed, Glenn came out a new person, thanks to his mom's help and undergoing a therapy that made him realize important things about himself. As he recently came out publicly, he has now started to come to terms with his previous problems, and slowly turns the page to become the person he's always wanted to be.

Watch The Neon Trees' new single "Sleeping With a Friend." The viewers may see the video in a new meaningful light, related to Tyler Glenn's very own true life story. Now Glenn, wouldn't care so much if everybody talks of his revealed persona.



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