Nelly and Ashanti Back Together? Singer Reveals How Nelly Inspired 'Braveheart' Single

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Ashanti dropped by "The Breakfast Club" on Tuesday to talk about her new album entitled "Braveheart" and her love life with Nelly. She confessed that her latest album is her most personal one as of yet and that fans will find the answers they were looking for from the album, including those of her relationship with ex-boyfriend Nelly.  

In December 2013, Ashanti also revealed that she doesn't have any plans of getting back with Nelly. "Negative. You know there is a lot of things that happened this year. A lot kinda went public more than other things have gone public before. When a man is hurt, I feel like men deal with hurt differently. We are in that space now and there are things that were done and things that were said that probably should not have been done or said but they have been," the 33-year-old singer explained.

During their rumoured split, Nelly publicly dated actress and model Tae Heckard but Ashanti appeared to be unfazed by the short-lived relationship. "I am very smart and I know him. I knew what the façade was," Ashanti said about the issue.

However, it appears that the two could not stay away from each other. Nelly and Ashanti were spotted together in February and according to the source, they looked real "happy to be back together."

Ashanti focused on acting with her roles on Lifetime's Army Wives and other various projects. When she split from her former record label, Murder Inc. she did not talk about what happened for personal and legal reasons. Now she is ready to speak on everything that has happened. "It was hard because the love was genuine. We went through good and bad things. I still consider them family," she said.

"My album Braveheart is definitely my most vulnerable, sincere and open album so far. My last album was out in 2008 and so much has happened between 2008 and 2014. I feel like a lot of questions that people may still have are definitely being answered in the album. The public has seen me go through a lot of things, my career, my personal life. This album definitely has the answers," Ashanti said.

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