NekNomination Claims 20-Year-Old Brit Man, 3rd Drinking Victim

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YouTube/Actual World News

NekNomination, the viral drinking game among young people, has apparently claimed another victim - a 20-year-old Briton. It is the third death within weeks since the game was publicised.

He is Bradley Eames of Nottingham who reportedly drank two pints of gin and posted a video on Facebook as part of the online game. In the video, Mr Eames opened a bottle of gin and drank the whole pint, saying, "This is how you drink."


He even gave a thumbs up after his second pint, which meant he consumed the equivalent of 37 shots of gin. Mr Eames, a salesman, died a few days later on Feb 10.

However, the post-morten did not confirm the drinking was the cause of Mr Eames death, but the police said further tests will be made.

He is the second Briton believed to have died due to NekNomination. The first was also a 20-year-old, Isaac Richardson of Woolwich, southeast London who consumed at a hostel where he worked a cocktail made up of alcoholic drinks.


To help prevent more deaths due to the game, Nikki Hunter, the mother of a 19-year-old Keiren, a Scottish student who was photographed unconscious and covered in vomit, posted her son's picture on Facebook to warn other parents and young people of the dangers of NekNomination.

Due to the backlash of the dangerous and even fatal game, there are moves to have the youth video themselves carrying out acts of kindness instead of drinking themselves to their graves.

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