Neknominate Drinking Craze Claims Another Life, 20-Year-Old Rugby Player Dies

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(Video Credit: YouTube/The Craziest Nek Nominations)

Neknominate, the viral drinking craze, originally started in Australia is now sweeping the world by storm but has recently claimed another life of a young man.

Its latest victim, a 20-year-old rugby player has reportedly mixed and drunk two pints of gin that were mixed with tea bags. It was on Facebook where Bradley Eames posted his video which showed him saying 'This is how you drink.'

After four days, the young guy was found dead.

Daily Mirror reported that the rugby player was already warned by most of his friends about the drinking craze since it has been related to the deaths of four people as of the previous month. But then he decided to still push through with it to somehow prove his friends he's no chicken.

What is the Neknominate drinking craze about?

It is thought to have begun in Perth, Australia, which involves anyone gulping down a huge amount of drink, usually alcoholic beverages, in a video that will be posted over social media sites like YouTube or Facebook.

What was supposed to be just fun turned out to be one deadly game that can even lead to being prohibited legally. With the game getting more and more daring, the online trend has already pushed even the politicians to encourage schools in doing their part to put a stop to the insane craze, CNN stated.

Some of the most absurd Neknominate videos uploaded include that of a woman stripping naked inside a supermarket and downs a drink, another mixing his alcohol with a dead mouse, and a guy who takes down his drink from a toilet bowl. Other craze players try consuming their alcohol drinks with the most absurd things like engine oil, insects and a lot more.

Now, latest reports are saying that for those starting a Neknominate challenge can possibly face legal charges especially if it leads to something extreme such as death, Mirror UK wrote.

As for the rugby player's death, the police did not confirm whether it was caused by the drinking session he made. But his stepmum posted a link of yet another tragedy from the Neknominate craze with a screaming caption that said, "You all need to stop now!!!"

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