Neil Patrick Harris Launches ‘Neil’s Puppet Dreams’ [WATCH]

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Neil Patrick Harris is delivering a different kind of fun in his own web series called, "Neil's Puppet Dreams."

The series debuted Tuesday on the Nerdist Channel on YouTube. The first episode is called, "Neil Patrick Harris Dreams The Lullabye," and it carries the following description:

"Welcome to the brain of one of the sickest puppeteers ever encountered - Neil Patrick Harris. Watch as Neil falls for the serenade of an angelic menagerie."

The video shows Harris falling asleep and later interacting with puppets - while flying. This web series comes in seven parts. And as anyone can predict, there will always be puppets in Neil's dreams.

The puppets are from Jim Henson Studios. Harris' husband hubby David Burtka also appears in the series, while also acting as executive co-producer.

"I love that idea, that what we were - pardon the pun - dreaming, we would actually be able to film," Harris told Mashable.

Harris expressed enthusiasm over the web series, hinting he had fun working on the content even as it proves to be a challenge.

"I had a lot more nail-biting moments in this one than I normally would, but I guess that's what producing content is all about," he said.

Meanwhile, Harris is still busy with "How I Met Your Mother" as Barney Stinson. Next week, HIMYM fans will see Robin try everything to win Barney back.

Review: 'Neil's Puppet Dreams'

A YouTube viewer who has seen "The Lullabye" left the following comment:

It's like Doctor horrible meets the muppets but more adult. Definitely gonna be watching this! - GingerandNuts

VIDEO: "Neil's Puppet Dreams" Part 1

Watch the first installment of Neil Patrick Harris' web series here:

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