Neighbours July 4, 2014 Spoilers: Bailey's Parents Find Out about His Drinking Problem [WATCH VIDEO]

Paula Abdul Goes to Erinborough!
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In "Neighbours" on July 4, 2014, Bailey Turner's (Calen Mackenzie) drinking problem has gotten worse and his secret will be discovered by his parents, even if he tries to deny and hide it. And, his other secret of stealing from the till might get exposed as well, no thanks to Amber (Jenna Rosenow). Plus, Paula Abdul goes to Erinborough! Spoiler Alert! This article contains "Neighbours" July 4, 2014 spoilers about Bailey's parents who will find out about his drinking problem. Read only if you want to find out more about this episode.

According to tenplay, Amber will divulge Bailey's drinking problem to Lauren Carpenter (Kate Kendall). This leads to Lauren, with the help of Matt Turner (Josef Brown), to search Bailey's room and confront him about it. Bailey will deny it from them, claiming to just drink occasionally. But, they don't believe him. Lauren will also bring up the stolen money from the till, which Paige Novak (Olympia Valance) was wrongfully accused of stealing. Bailey chooses not to confirm or deny it, and simply rushes out of the room.

Meanwhile, Paige will come across Bailey at the bus stop. He will complain about his parents being in his face about drinking alcohol and stealing money. Instead of offering reassuring words, she tells him to grow up.

Having found out the real story about the stolen money, Lauren says sorry to Paige for firing her. She also asks why she didn't tell them the truth sooner. But, Paige just says that it wasn't her secret to tell.

 As for the other "Neighbours" characters, here's what will happen to them:

  •  Imogen will get attracted to Mike, even if Amber hopes that she and Daniel Robinson (Tim Phillipps) will get together. Because of this, Amber and Daniel will start to become closer again. But, she will keep it a secret from Josh Willis (Harley Bonner).
  •  Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) is excited about Paula Abdul being in Erinsborough as his "celebrity pardon." But, Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) will get bothered by it when Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) tells her about Paula and Karl going in a hotel together.
  •  Toadie misses Callum and gets annoyed at Josie for always talking about Callum. Toadie talks to Sonya Mitchell (Eve Morey) about missing Callum and how it is affecting him, so they both agree to just be there for each other during Callum's absence in their lives.

And there you have it. That's' the "Neighbours" July 4, 2014 spoilers about Bailey's parents who will find out about his drinking problem. Don't forget to watch it at 6:30 p.m. on ELEVEN. Click HERE to watch the "Neighbours" July 4, 2014 spoiler video from tenplay. Click HERE to see "Neighbours" photos from tenplay's spoiler gallery.

Watch the "Neighbours" video below:

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