Neale Daniher's Dying Wish: Find Cure for Motor Neurone Disease

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West Coast Eagles stalwart, Neale Daniher, spoke about his battle with the motor neurone disease (MND) together with his former Bombers teammate, Tim Watson. 

The former Essendon player and Melbourne coach was diagnosed with the disease last year, which is terminal and gives just about two to four years to live.

Neale Daniher refused to let the shortened future get to him and vowed that he will fill his life with laughter. He also wishes to use his AFL profile to raise funds and find cure for that disease.

He was in vain when tested and treated for about nine months. And he was then told of his shortened life. 

Daniher said that he didn't know much about MND but it was something he knew he didn't want. He said that he was strong and usually, only two to four years is given for those who are diagnosed, but he feels he might bring up the average.

At present, there is no prevention, treatment or cure for it and still he hopes that it will be found.

He is thankful as the disease did not affect his legs that enables him to run about, play golf and also keep working. He believes in his mother, Edna's mantra of counting your blessings.

Daniher said that one doesn't cope by fear or by thinking of the future as it doesn't involve much laughing. He is not afraid to face his future. It is confronting time for his family, his wife Jan and four children. 

He also said that one of the worst part of the disease is that it does not affect the mental ability, so one is a witness of their body dying. He believes that laughter is the only medicine and the best one that he has.

As a player, Daniher played 82 games and as a coach, he lead Melbourne to six final campaigns, three top-four results and one final. In 1990, he became a part of the games' history as he was one of four brothers who played in the same Essendon team.

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