'NCIS' Season 11 Spoilers, Speculations: Ziva David Return, Tony DiNozzo Focus, Jackson Gibbs Tribute, James Palmer Fatherhood [Video]

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"NCIS" Season 11 spoilers are limited to a few minor details. But showrunner Gary Glasberg has already brought up the subject of Season 11 finale. Fan speculations run wild, as Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) is still very much missed by many NCIS fans.

Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) will reportedly be the centre of NCIS Season 11 finale, according to spoilers. This makes Tiva shippers hopeful of a Tony-Ziva reunion, however brief it might be. Incidentally, Weatherly recently gave Ziva David and DiNozzo a shout-out on Twitter. (See the tweet below.)

Weatherly, however, has not hinted any Ziva David appearance in upcoming NCIS Season 11 episodes. Glasberg has previously hinted a possible virtual communication between the two. He said people have approached him on why Tiva does not talk anymore, and he responded with an "openness" to the idea.

"We have great writers and a remarkable core DNA that (Don) Bellisario created," Weatherly earlier told TV Line, "and somehow it's so sturdy that it withstands all of these changes.

Meanwhile, many Gibbs father-and-son fans had also wished, if not expected, to see the CBS series pay tribute to Ralph Waite, who played Jackson Gibbs for several episodes on the crime drama. The actor passed away on Feb. 13. He was 85. This TV Line report suggests viewers would hear about Jackson Gibbs on the DiNozzo-centric NCIS Season 11 finale. There might be more on Leroy Jethro Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) grieving in NCIS Season 12.

Glasberg and the NCIS Season 11 creatives are "working on something special to address the passing of Ralph Waite in the season finale of NCIS to honor both the memory of Ralph, as well as the character of Jackson Gibbs," a CBS spokesperson said was quoted by TVLine as saying.

As for Jimmy Palmer, his fans should know that something could be in store for him in the finale, or in a couple of episodes before that. Glasberg told TVLine.com: "We've had this [storyline] runner that we started, about (Palmer's) personal life and his wanting to adopt. That'll continue through the season," ultimately leading to "an emotional bit of closure."

Watch: Tony Dinozzo's Ziva David-related tweet (On YouTube via Twitter)

Check out these NCIS set photos on SpoilerTV.com. They were uploaded by Michael Weatherly on Twitter. And here are some behind the scenes photos from SpoilerTV.com.

NCIS Season 11, Episode 15, titled "Bulletproof" airs Feb. 25 on CBS. The next new episode, "Dressed to Kill," airs on Mar. 11. 

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