'NCIS' Season 11, Episode 12, 'Kill Chain' Spoilers; Emily Wickersham Talks About Cote de Pablo, Ziva David Returning for Finale?

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"NCIS" Season 11, Episode 12, "Kill Chain" sets things in motion for the "roller coaster ride" that is the second half of the season. Emily Wickersham talks about Ziva David, and being a "nervous person." Will Cote de Pablo grace the season finale to sandwich her final season nicely?

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers on NCIS Season 11, Episode 12, aka "Kill Chain." Susanna Thompson returns as retired Col. Hollis Mann, Leroy Gibb's former girlfriend. Margo Harshman also returns as Delilah Fielding, Tim McGee's girlfriend.

The title is ominous for NCIS 11x12. Does somebody die? Delilah or Col. Mann? Watch the sneak preview promo below to hear Abby (Pauley Perrette) point out McGee (Sean Murray) looks like "the guy in a wedding cake."

In NCIS Season 11, Episode 12, a drone gets stolen. Benham Parsa's name comes up. The "Brotherhood of Doubt" follows, naturally. Memories of assassination plots against Gibbs (Mark Harmon)  and his team resurface. Fans can expect Gibbs and Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) to get really mad. Parsa was behind the last massive threat that sent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) away from NCIS. Meanwhile, how does Emily Wickersham feel about taking over Ziva's desk?

Wickersham is a "probie" for many NCIS fans. TVLine.com released a poll to find out how the fans have been finding her since her first appearance on NCIS Season 11, Episode 9, titled "Gut Check." It turns out 78 per cent of the poll respondents either "love" or "like" her.

"I know (the entry of Ellie Bishop is) a weird change for a lot of these viewers, so that's really nice. I like hearing that a lot," Emily reacts. She has never met Cote de Pablo, but says, "I would love to meet her someday." The actress adds she's been nervous about the NCIS job. She guesses Ellie Bishop might be nervous, too. But in real life, Emily's naturally a "nervous person," she said.

NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg has said Emily Wickersham does not replace Cote de Pablo. She's an addition to the NCIS family, he said. And Ziva David being alive opens a lot of possibilities. Is being in the NCIS Season 11 finale a possibility? Certainly. However, no confirmed reports of such has come up. In fact, Glasberg would not say much about this season's big ending.

Glasberg told TVLine Parsa will not be a central force in the NCIS Season 11 finale. The show typically has a new (Parsa) or recurring (Ari) big bad villain at the end of each season. This year, Glasberg says Parsa will only make the winter episodes "a bit of a roller coaster ride."

Karan Oberoi is expected to star as Parsa for the first time on NCIS Season 11, Episode 12. He's been often mentioned alongside "Brotherhood of Doubt," but he's never shown up just yet.

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