NCAA Basketball: Highest Paid Head Coaches

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While the NCAA frowns upon schools paying their athletes, basketball head coaches make a ton of money. In fact, it might be the only factor where college teams are almost at par with their NBA counterparts. The average salary of coaches who made it to the 2013 NCAA Tournament is $1.47 million. This comes on the heels of revelations that sports coaches are among the highest paid employees, especially in state universities, being compensated better than state governors themselves. In contrast, academic spending at some schools is either decreasing or increasing at a slower rate.

The top-earning coaches listed here get their pay from monthly salaries, bonuses, or both. Not included are earnings outside college basketball, such as training camps and endorsements. All figures are current as of the previous NCAA tournament; many notable names not on the list have either resigned or taken on jobs elsewhere. One new member of the $1 Million Club, former Florida Gulf Coast coach and current USC coach Andy Enfield, earned his millions in healthcare software.

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