NBC News Releases Graphical Videos Showing Chemical Attack Aftermath in Syria

By @snksounak on

NBC News has released the Damascus gas attack videos on Saturday, which were shown to senators by the Obama government earlier.

The videos contained graphical illustrations of how people suffered due to the chemical attack in Damascus on Aug 21. The videos are supposedly so influential that several legislators got convinced that the U.S. government should proceed positively on the military attack against the Assad regime.

The graphical videos were allegedly used by the Obama government as a means of convincing the House and the Senate that are all set to vote on the military attack on Syria next week. The White House is going to leave no stone unturned to gain support for the military strike.

Meanwhile, The Obama administration confirms that a strong response for the U.S. was required against the president of Syria after he had used chemical weapons on the Syrian civilians in August near Damascus. The response of the U.S. government is going to be instrumental in defining the future of the usage of chemical weapons on an international level.

Denis McDonough is all set to establish the importance of a military strike against Syria as he would attend 4 talk shows on Sunday. The chief of staff of Mr Obama is determined to prove the point on behalf of the government as he is going to deliver important statements on the issue.

On the other hand, Vice President Joe Biden has a plan to arrange a dinner for a group of Senate Republicans on Sunday night. The lawmakers in the country are also expected to receive more phone calls from the top ranked U.S. officials. The people of America, along with the rest of the world, wait eagerly for Mr Obama's national address on Tuesday.

Mr Obama must be determined to gain the confidence of the American people in order to proceed confidently on the military attack on Syria. U.S. has not been able to convince its allies including UK and Canada on the Syria attack.

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