NBA Unforgettable Crossovers of the Season 2014 [Highlights Videos]

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The NBA regular season is just about done in a week. Before closing time, some NBA players thrill fans with unforgettable and outrageous "ankle-breakers", before the much awaited playoffs.

The basketball crossover is a move where a player in offense dribbling the ball switches from one hand to the other and changes direction as well. This then, if done with great skill, leaves the defending player out-stepped or tripped over the floor literally. Upon such maneuver, the offense player is given an advantage to score an unchallenged basket, assist another teammate, or make other offensive plays.

The crossover move was known to be popularized by Tim Hardaway and Allen Iverson in NBA's recent basketball years. Hardaway was known for his "killer crossover" and Iverson for the "double cross". The move was very effective in basketball that, it was seen done by a lot of players in various leagues worldwide. To date, basketball fans worldwide have seen entertaining and noteworthy crossovers in the NBA. It warranted much attention and hype as the intensity in the game rises, closing in on the NBA playoffs.

Citing a few of the many "insane" crossovers this season, Ty Lawson of the Denver Nuggets had been doing well in breaking ankles of unsuspecting defenders.

Kyrie Irving makes crazy hype pre and on-season crossover plays as well. The recent 2014 NBA All-star MVP also made waves off-court with his Pepsi Advertised YouTube videos of "Uncle Drew".

One of the most talked-about ankle-breakers suspects is Lance Stephenson of the Indiana Pacers "killing it" with veteran NBA star Tony Parker, who plays for San Antonio Spurs. Stephenson, who's only started in the NBA a few years ago, made Parker trip over the floor with a difficult-leveled crossover.

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Not to forget, Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors pulled off the ankle-breaker on Quincy MIller April 10, 2014. Iguodala, seen more as a strong finisher in the paint with alley-oops and dunks, entertained basketball fans with his crossover while on fast break in the first quarter against the Nuggets. NBA critics and viewers even go on as far to say that it could be the crossover of the year.

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