NBA Trades 2014: Jeremy Lin Makes Rockets ‘Attractive’ Team For Kevin Love

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The Houston Rockets are expected to explore all trade possibilities for Jeremy Lin this summer, but keeping him in fold for another season seems to be the most ideal decision, especially if they are going to pursue their plan in trading for All-Star power forward Kevin Love.

According to Chris Baldwin of Culture Map Houston, Lin should stay put with the Rockets because he's the perfect lure to get the 25-year old Love, who asked the Minnesota Timberwolves to trade him or lose him in the summer of 2015.

Lin, who averaged 12 points and 4 dimes per game in a bench role for the Rockets, could be used as lure for the Rockets in their attempt to nab the double-double power forward.

Despite his struggles to put up big numbers in a star-powered Rockets offense, Lin's ability to distribute the ball and make plays should be highlighted in their pitch. Baldwin called this the Jeremy Lin factor.    

"But if Morey who lusts after Love is truly committed to convincing the Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star that he needs to push for the Houston Rockets as his destination in a trade, he needs to highlight the Jeremy Lin factor."

Baldwin stressed that it would be hard to imagine Love joining a team that already have a volume shooter like James Harden and a ball-demanding center in Dwight Howard. The analyst added that Love can only thrive with the Rockets, if Lin stays and gets more freedom to orchestrate plays.  

"Morey already has a point guard capable of making Kevin Love very happy on his roster. He just needs to empower Jeremy Lin," Baldwin stated in his article.

"A Rockets offense with Love, Harden, Howard and a true point guard - one where Lin has the ball in his hands, making sure everyone gets their touches - would be deadly. It'd also likely eliminate any concerns Love harbors about being reduced to just another stand-up shooter in Morey World. Lin could guarantee that all of Love's skills are put to great use."

With $15 million salary kicking in for the last year of his three-year deal, the 25-year old Lin appears to be a leading candidate for trade. However, there's no way the Love experiment are going to click without the most important recipe. And that's a true playmaker. Lin apparently brings that to the table, making him the most crucial asset the Rockets possess right now.

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