NBA Trade Rumors 2014: Kyle Lowry To Knicks, Jeff Teague To Raptors & Iman Shumpert to Hawks in Three-Team Blockbuster Deal

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NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at New York Knicks
NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at New York Knicks Reuters

The New York Knicks are reportedly interested to pull off a three-team trade with the Atlanta Hawks and the Toronto Raptors before the Feb. 20 trade deadline, a source close to situation reported on Tuesday.

The Knicks, in an attempt to get a solid playmaker, are still very much interested to land Kyle Lowry from the Toronto Raptors, and this time, they are going to use a conduit to finally hammer the deal.

According to Ian Begley of ESPN New York, the Knicks are preparing a package consists of shooting guard Iman Shumpert, Beno Udrih and Raymond Felton. The name of Tim Hardaway Jr. is also being mentioned as another potential trade chip, but the Knicks appear to be reluctant to part ways with the sweet-shooting rookie from Michigan.

"The Knicks are offering packages including Iman Shumpert, Raymond Felton and Beno Udrih, sources say. They have been reluctant to include sharpshooting rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. or a future first-round draft pick in any deal. One of those two pieces is believed to be a prerequisite for Toronto to consider giving up Lowry," Begley stated in his report.

Begley said a reliable source told him that the Knicks have to make a decision whether to send Hardaway Jr. or move a first-round draft pick.

"It comes down to, can they talk themselves into getting rid of a first-rounder or Hardaway Jr. for Lowry?" the source said.

Hawks in the Picture

Reports mentioned the Hawks as the possible conduit team that will help facilitate Lowry's arrival to the Big Apple. There are rumors that Hakws GM Dan Ferry is not happy with Teague's lucrative four-year, $32 million deal, and he's ready to move the budding point guard in exchange for solid assets.

"Grantland's Zach Lowe reported last week that sources told him Hawks GM Danny Ferry "is not in love" with Teague's four-year, $32 million deal. It's unclear if a potential Hawks-Knicks-Raptors deal would return enough talent to Atlanta to justify moving Teague," Begley stated.

If the trade pushes through, the Knicks will be receiving Lowry while the Raptors get another point guard in Teague. The Hawks, on the other hand, will receive two-way guard Shumpert, who can give the team some defensive presence in the perimeter.

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