NBA Trade News: Kevin Love Interested to Join Chicago Bulls

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All-Star forward Kevin Love said he's intrigued of the possibility of joining fellow All-Star point guard Derrick Rose and center Joakim Noah, when he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer.

According to Dave McMenamin, a source close to Love reported that the three-time All-star would also consider the Bulls as potential destination because of their talents and great coaching staff.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been speculated as the top team to land Love, but the presence of the New York Knicks and now the Chicago Bulls would make the summer of 2015 very interesting.

Moreover, there are reports that the Bulls would make a run for Love before the trade deadline next season with power forward Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler likely to be included in the trade package.

"If Minnesota opened a bidding war for Love, the Lakers are set up to have better draft assets to deal over the next couple of years, but don't have any young pieces as valuable as Chicago's Taj Gibson or Jimmy Butler," via Hoops Rumors.

Other analysts are pessimistic about the Bulls chance in getting Love because of their cap space constraints. Carlos Boozer could be amnestied next season, but the possible acquisition of Carmelo Anthony or Nikola Mirotic will limit the team's chance of getting Love.

"Depending on what the Bulls do this summer, they may not have enough cap flexibility to obtain Love by trade or by signing him if and when he becomes a free agent demanding a max salary. Carlos Boozer's contract runs through next season but could be amnestied," Hoops Rumors Cray Allred reported.

"Nikola Mirotic could be bought out from his European team and brought to Chicago, and other free agents could be added for next year and beyond, including some improbable scenarios involving Carmelo Anthony."

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