NBA Trade News: Allen/Prince to Minnesota Timberwolves, Barea/Budinger to Memphis Grizzlies

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The Minnesota Timberwolves need toughness and defense while the Memphis Grizzlies need three-point shooting and offense. The teams could be the perfect trade partners as the NBA trade deadline nears.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, the Timberwolves and Grizzlies are deep into trade discussions involving Minnesota’s J.J. Barea and Chase Budinger and Memphis’ Tony Allen and Tayshaun Prince.

A potential deal with all the names mentioned creates perfect sense for both squads.

The Timberwolves (25-28) are still struggling this season and the addition of Allen and/or Prince will give them the needed defensive help on the wings. Minnesota has Kevin Martin, who us currently injured and Corey Brewer as starters.

The Grizzlies (29-23) are out of the playoff picture at the moment but just one and a half game behind 8th place Golden State Warriors (31-22). Barea can serve as the third point guard in the rotation and Budinger

The potential deal works with NBA CBA trade rules too so it’s a deal that can happen before the deadline, set on February 20th at 3:00 p.m.

Minnesota-Memphis Trade: C. Budinger ($5M) + J. Barea ($4.7M) for T. Prince ($7.2) + T. Allen ($4.5M)

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